Help us find a school site.

We are on the hunt for our future school site. Here’s a comprehensive run-down on what we are looking for:


  • In the Shoalhaven LGA - north of the Shoalhaven River, between the escarpment and the sea.

  • Encompassing such locations as Berry, Broughton Vale, Jaspers Brush, Meroo Meadow, Bomaderry, Cambewarra, North Nowra, Tapitalle, Back Forest, Coolangatta, Far Meadow and surrounds.

Land requirements

  • 5 acres minimum

  • Must have RU1 zoning (permissible for a school).

  • Access to or near natural bushland/spaces, creeks/rivers, etc for outdoor learning.

  • Good access from a decent/main road (that can manage traffic).

  • Well-located and easy to get to from both Kiama and Nowra.

  • Land that might require regeneration.

  • Having a building or house on the site would be excellent, but not completely necessary.

  • Access to power, but not completely necessary (we'll be aiming for solar power)

  • Access to sewer/water, but not completely necessary (we are planning on composting toilets)

About our School

  • We intend to be a small school and estimate maximum numbers of 90 children, K-6 in the first 1-2 years, growing to a maximum of 130 students (as a comparison, most local primary schools have 400-500 students)

  • Longer term we also would like to grow into a high school offering, with a maximum of 60 students in years 7-10.

  • We will offer a holistic education that will include a lot of outdoor and experiential learning that is child-led within a foundation of nature and community.

  • We will deliver the NSW syllabus for the Australian Curriculum - what will differ from other schools in the area is the way we teach it. You can learn more about our Pedagogy here.

What’s in it for the landholder?

  • Essentially the landholder may have the chance to profit from land that they can not subdivide otherwise due to zoning rules.

  • Green Mountain Community School will do all the work required to lodge a DA for the negotiated land parcel, in collaboration with the landholder.

  • We are proposing up to a 7-year lease with an option to buy at the end of this period (subject to negotiations).

  • We will cultivate and regenerate the land parcel and potentially surrounding areas as part of our educational offering.

  • You will be providing land that will house an exceptional and progressive holistic school that will complement and expand upon educational offerings in our area.

Interested or know someone who might be?

  • Send us an email at to arrange a quick phone chat with one of our team.

  • We are happy to speak with anyone, obligation free, who may have questions regarding our land requirements or DA process.

Please spread far and wide!

Many Thanks,

The GMCS core team.

Photo of Cullunghutti by Andy Hutchison Photography

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