Our Proposed Teaching Methodology

Green Mountain School will deliver the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum and will be a progressive, nature-inspired independent school guided by the following pedagogies/philosophies:


First Nation Peoples Traditional pedagogies, Nature Immersion, Bush School, Permaculture - learning through observation, movement, story, on Country and in community with a long-term outlook


Rudolf Steiner Waldorf approach - learning through holistic integration of spiritual, intellectual, artistic and practical skills


Lev Vygotsky Constructivist approach - learning at the child’s pace with considered scaffolding and companionship by someone who has mastered the task (peer or adult)


Maria Montessori Whole child approach  - learning through curiosity, observation and trial + error


Loris Malaguzzi Reggio Emilia approach - learning through self-direction, experimentation, community and expression


Tonia Gray Wilderness education + 7Rs - learning in wholeness about Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, Resilience, Relationships, Respect and Reflection


Pasi Sahlberg Let the children play - learning through experimentation, exploration and discovery