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About Us

We are a passionate group of parents, educators, professionals and academics working on establishing Shoalhaven's first secular, independent primary school.

Currently, alternative schooling options exist in Wollongong (Montessori), Bowral and Bega (Steiner). We believe
 there is room to add some diversity to educational offerings within the Shoalhaven and local families agree with us.

The first seeds of Green Mountain Community School were planted in February 2019 and over time the project has attracted generous contributions of time, skill and talent from passionate and visionary people in our community.


Our initiative originally intended to start a Steiner school. But as our team has changed and our vision clarified it was decided to create a community school that draws on inspiration from many different pedagogies (including Steiner Education). You can read more about our education philosophy below and our proposed pedagogy (how we will teach) here.


The one thing that unites us all is a passion for holistic education and a desire to create a community that provides children with a research-based, future-focused education that is child-led and inspired by the natural world.

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Our Educational Philosophy

At Green Mountain Community School, we cultivate a culture that supports children to develop compassion, creativity, connectedness and curiosity using holistic, open-ended, place-based and self-directed pedagogies.


Our children flourish as integrated, empathic individuals who use their heads, hearts and hands to care for themselves and those around them. Holistic learning experiences teach our children the social-emotional skills they need to be well, be kind and live into their potential.



Our children thrive as creative and innovative individuals who express themselves through inspired responses and contributions to the beauty that surrounds them. Open-ended learning experiences ignite our children’s innate curiosity and wonder, developing the practical skills and flexible thinking they need to be resilient and optimistic in an ever-changing world.



Our children are nurtured to become wise change-makers who have a secure sense of belonging by immersion in nature and community. Place-based learning experiences equip our children with the relational skills they need to take an active role in sustaining a healthy balance in the living system of Self, Others and Environment. 



Our children experience success as risk-taking individuals who are reflective and empowered to explore areas of personal wonder. Self-directed learning experiences offer children hands-on, real world opportunities for investigation and problem-solving, gifting them the critical inquiry skills and confidence they need to experiment, discover and live on Purpose.