Our Vision


A world where children flourish as whole beings and are empowered to shape their culture with optimism, creativity and empathy, in an ever-changing world.



We will provide children with an education that encompasses their whole ecology - place, culture, family, head, heart and hands. We learn alongside each unique child and support them in developing their individual skills and talents so that they leave us empowered to shape a sustainable future and create their place and purpose in the world.


Our Values

Nature & Environment

Accessing natural bush settings for outdoor learning, encouraging a strong sense of connectedness to nature and all living things. Environmental stewardship and ecological practices are embedded into the design, construction and ongoing daily life of the school, fostering a sense of reverence and responsibility for the natural world.

Inclusivity, Equality & Diversity

Inclusive education where all students can access learning, alongside peers, supported by teaching strategies tailored to meet individual needs. Students will be supported to succeed, regardless of socio-economic background, cultural and linguistic diversity, gender identity, giftedness, religious beliefs or disability, within a school environment that reflects our community’s diversity. Inclusion is embedded in school culture, policies and everyday practices.


Our intention is to work inclusively with our local Aboriginal community and in doing so, contribute towards the reconciliation of Australia. We seek to instil in our children a deep sense of reverence and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Australians, acknowledging their connection to country, our shared history, as well as their challenges and triumphs. We hope to cultivate a relationship based on trust, unity and respect.


Learning is a collaboration, not a competition. It is a process of sustained thinking, deep engagement and ongoing, shared experience between teachers, students and members of the community. Providing opportunities for children to teach and role model their skills and aptitudes, share ideas and hypotheses and engage in peer-to-peer learning is central within our teaching approach.


We recognise that Self-awareness is the key to fulfilling personal potential. Therefore the following values permeate all that we practice and teach: Personal responsibility, self-determined spirituality, Resilience, Mindfulness, Integrity & Presence.

Innovation & Creativity

We aim to be forward thinking in our approach, integrating current research and adopting relevant practices that nurture a child’s natural curiosity and cultivate their ability to think critically. We recognise that the world is changing at a rapid rate and therefore our goal is to prepare kids to approach real world challenges and opportunities with confidence and optimism.

Community, Human Connection and Relationships

Connection and belonging are the keys to a fulfilled life. We aim to expand capacity for empathy in order to establish genuine relationships with one another. Mutual respect and kindness for all living things underpins all that we do. Our goal is to establish a strong sense of community where each individual contributes uniquely to the life of the school.


We honour children as whole human beings and value children as key stakeholders and drivers of their own learning journey. We seek to nurture and celebrate individual qualities in a non-competitive environment, whilst challenging beliefs surrounding limitations and deficits so that children cultivate a belief their personal capabilities.